How are you managing your backup batteries?

Servato presents Active Battery Management™, a solution for protecting backup batteries and reducing CapEx and OpEx for Wireline and Wireless providers.

Wireline and Wireless. Batteries are ubiquitous within network infrastructure and they are critical to ensuring networks stay up and running.

Why Servato?

Servato goes beyond conventional battery monitoring technologies and delivers battery life extension and cost savings.

With Servato’s solutions, carriers can be more confident in the reliability of their backup power plant. Through Servato’s flagship product lines, Operations Managers, Engineers, and CTOs know that they are slowing battery degradation with the Smart Power System™ and have access to the most accurate State of Health readings available through the ActiView® Platform.

Third-party laboratory and field tests have confirmed Servato’s ability to double battery life of 12V VRLA batteries.

Reduced maintenance truck rolls, energy savings and longer battery replacement cycles contribute to CapEx and OpEx savings.

Highly accurate battery data, a signature library and proprietary algorithms allow Servato to predict battery issues before they happen.

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What is the Servato Difference?

Servato’s proprietary charging algorithms have been proven in lab and field settings to extend battery life.

Using a proprietary process for isolating the batteries from float charge, Servato is able to take very precise state of health measurements for each battery while they are at rest.  These measurements inform our proprietary charging algorithm, in a sense dynamically customizing the charge based on each battery’s true state of health.  This results in healthier batteries, which perform better and last longer. The best monitoring-only solutions are less accurate in their measurements, and do nothing with the information to improve the care of the batteries.  When batteries negligently remain on float charge, this wastes power and accelerates the decline of the batteries. 

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