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Potential Problems

Monitoring your batteries can only go so far. Our proprietary algorithms alert you 60-90 days before a battery could go bad, giving you the capabilities to respond before it is too late.

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Real-Time Health

Servato’s Adaptive Charging technology enables you to have actionable insight on all of your sites, all of the time. Drill down into an individual battery’s DC Resistance and OCV or take a step back with our patented Battery Fuel Gauge.

Longer Life

Remote Issues

Future releases of Servato Mobile apps will provide full analytics functions on the go, making site management even easier for busy technicians and managers.

Case Studies

All Servato products are proudly made in the USA. Servato Software is also developed and built in the USA.

 IoT for Backup Power Management

Maximize Data

Our data platform empowers you to see the road ahead for your backup power sites and then make an informed decision on how to prepare and execute an action.

Prepare for the Worst

Disaster strikes, which is why being 2 steps ahead of Mother Nature is vital to your network

Detect Hidden Issues

Rectifier issues can go undetected but still have an adverse affect on batteries. We can uncover these issues along with others.

Save Time and Money

Why test once a year when you can always have detailed insight into your site’s health?

Years in the Field
Hours of Battery Data Gathered Per Year
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Solutions and Cases

Gila River Telecommunications

Servato brought confidence to Gila River Telecommunications. DC Power problems that had caused reliability issues were easily fixed with the visibility Servato provides.

Gila River Case Study

Using Predictive Analytics

Servato’s battery management systems reliably predict battery failure as much as 3 months in advance. Advanced testing, more than 40 million hours of battery data, and an analytics engine honed by experts make it possible.

Predict Battery Failure

Double Battery Life with Adaptive Charging

Adaptive Charging is one of Servato’s flagship features and is truly unique in the space. Peer-reviewed papers and data from extensive testing is available to validate Servato’s technology

Battery Data and Testing

Security Built-In from the Ground Up

Remote monitoring and management of your infrastructure should not open up new vulnerabilities in your network. Servato takes your cybersecurity very seriously and has made sure that providing a backup power solution does not leave you exposed.

Understand Servato’s Security

End Your Battery Problems

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