Our Mission is to Ensure that the Internet is Always On

We ensure Internet reliability by automating and streamlining the way elements of the Internet (and the things that are connected to it) are managed…starting with batteries.

Our solutions automate time-consuming battery maintenance, charge backup batteries intelligently to extend battery life, and provide the most complete picture of backup power systems. With Servato’s Active Battery Management Solutions, customers can feel confident in the reliability of their backup power systems knowing that they are slowing battery failure with our Smart Power System™.  They also have access to the most accurate State of Health readings in the industry,  available through the ActiView® Platform.

The company is led by a seasoned management team with extensive telecom, network power, hardware, and software expertise.

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New Orleans and Little Rock Startup Ecosystems

Servato is proud of its origins in the New Orleans entrepreneurial ecosystem, and appreciative of the early and continued support of the New Orleans business community.

Servato is now headquartered in the Little Rock Technology Park in downtown Little Rock, where the company continues its work to ensure that the Internet is always on.

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