Company History

Servato is poised to disrupt the way the infrastructure of the Internet is managed by bringing advanced technology and processes to the industry.

In May 2014, CEO Chris Mangum and CFO Ron Lau formed Servato to acquire the Sentinel battery management solution from Encell, a venture-backed battery design firm. Eric Hedlund (VP of Sales), Steve Mulawski (Chief Hardware Engineer) and Dorion Carr (Chief Software Architect) for the Sentinel Product at Encell joined the Servato team, ensuring that the original expertise behind the Sentinel remained involved in its success and future.

The Sentinel solution had evolved from an earlier generation design and was demonstrating positive results in lab trials and field deployments. With a dedicated team and fresh funding focused exclusively on the Sentinel and its potential, Servato relocated to New Orleans where current and former energy executives and a fresh group of investors have embraced the company.

Since May 2014, Servato has grown its team, increased sales nationwide in the telecom sector and furthered development of the Sentinel platform to address customer needs in additional markets and industries.