Lower CapEx and OpEx Costs Better than Battery Monitoring Systems

Servato’s Active Battery Management™ delivers substantial Return on Investment. Learn how Servato can save enterprises money by reducing CapEx and OpEx

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Extend Battery Life by Slowing Battery Failure

Many companies are stuck replacing batteries that fail prematurely or simply operate on a replacement cycle that attempts to beat the expected failure date. With Servato’s ability to extend battery life and predict battery failure, the uncertainties around battery management are greatly reduced and the process becomes much more efficient. Efficient backup battery management reduces OpEx associated with battery monitoring and replacement. Our proven 2X battery life extension reduces CapEx by eliminating a battery replacement cycle.

[Servato’s Active Battery Management] has also saved us money. Instead of having battery’s tested once a year by an electrical contractor to verify they are good we are now able to log in and look real time to see the status of each battery.”

– Kevin Benson, Network Engineer, Saddleback Communications

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Reduce the Number of Strings with Better Battery Management

batteryWith a better understanding of the batteries’ state of health and better data regarding actual power levels, the Servato solution affords the unique proposition of reducing the number of battery strings required at a given site. This allows customers to reallocate batteries more efficiently throughout their backup power plant, reducing OpEc and CapEx waste.

Reduce Truck Rolls and Battery Maintenance Costs

field-serviceManual maintenance costs are a major OpEx expense that does not scale. Scheduled truck rolls to check batteries become obsolete with ActiView®’s ability to remotely manage batteries. The only time a technician needs to physically touch the batteries is when Servato lets them know there is an issue.

Reduce Power Consumption for Charging Backup Batteries

1436485688_electricityCompared to industry standard float charging, Servato’s proprietary charging approach uses less power to keep the batteries properly charged, which is great for business, and good for the environment.

Protect Equipment from Thermal Runaway

gaugeThermal Runaway events may be rare, but they can be devastating when they occur, easily destroying an entire OSP site and the equipment contained there. By eliminating overcharging, Servato helps customers rest easy knowing they are not at risk of thermal runaway.

Gain Confidence Backup Batteries will Perform Optimally

1436486195_statisticA power outage can damage profitability and recurring issues can drive away customers. Not to mention, outages are a nightmare for employees who have to scramble to bring power back to the network. Ensuring reliable backup power minimizes the risk of interrupted service and the possibility of bottom-line impacting events.

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