What is Active Battery Management?

Active Battery Management is Servato’s term for a complete battery maintenance regimen that utilizes cutting edge technology to improve battery health, automate processes, and generate savings. It is more than simple battery monitoring.


Technicians perform manual tests on a cycle, perhaps seasonally or every 6-12 months.

  • Periodic manual tests with long periods of time without State of Health Data.
  • Requires two site visits: One to find the bad battery, a second to replace it.
  • Limited information to act on during outages.
  • Relies on spreadsheets or notebooks to store data.
  • Results in replacing full strings for one bad battery.
  • Float-charging keeps batteries ready but overcharges and accelerates failure.
  • Time consuming, expensive, wasteful.


Sensors are placed on the batteries to measure and record data.

  • Provides real-time data.
  • Accuracy is limited by float-charging.
  • No ability to control the way batteries are charged to extend life.
  • Often have limited software functionality.
  • Float-charging keeps batteries ready but overcharges and accelerates failure.
  • Alerts for failed batteries, outages, and other issues.


Servato’s appliances and software are used to test, charge, and manage batteries remotely.

  • All conventional, monitoring-only alerts plus more.
  • Works with your rectifier to control the charge of the batteries, extending life.
  • Only charges when necessary, rests batteries 80% of the time.
  • More rest means less heat generated by batteries, reducing cooling costs.
  • Measurements from rested batteries provide more accurate data.
  • Predictive analytics and signatures allow for early detection of failures.
  • Resting batteries are always available for instantaneous backup power with electronic switching.
  • The most complete remote management solution on the market.

The Servato Difference – Control Charge For Better Data and Extended Life

Servato’s DC Management platform-as-a-service offers companies more ways to generate capital and operational savings because our products go much deeper than conventional monitoring products.

  • Most battery monitoring devices sit passively on the batteries recording and transmitting data, but they have no ability to remotely change the way the batteries are managed.

  • Servato’s appliances connect in line with the rectifier and the batteries to control the charge, resting the batteries when necessary and charging when it is needed.

  • No other companies offers this same unique, patented ability.

More Than Monitoring

Servato is the only company with battery monitoring appliances that have the ability to also manage (charge) the batteries.

Instead of just recording battery health data, firmware on the appliances uses proprietary algorithms to adaptively charge, ensuring that batteries are not overcharged, thus extending battery life.

What Makes Servato Appliances Unique?

Extend Battery Life

When batteries spend more time at rest but are still frequently and properly charged their lifespan is lengthened.

Servato has conducted laboratory and field tests that have proved our unique ability to extend battery life for 12V VRLA batteries. We have other resources available detailing the science of what we do.

Check out the data on battery life extension

Magnified Savings

Float-charging not only overcharges the batteries and contributes to a faster decline, it uses more electricity than necessary.

Heat generated by the batteries also raises cooling needs in cabinets and remote COs. By adaptively charging batteries Servato can save companies on electricity and cooling.

Case Studies

 Utilize the Internet of Things for Site Managment

ActiView Functionality

Taking full advantage of the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution, Servato equips technicians with the ability to monitor and manage more than just batteries. We are working to put an end to unnecessary truck rolls.

  • Detect Hidden Equipment Issues

    Rectifier issues can go undetected but still have an adverse affect on batteries. Because of the uniqueness of Servato’s hardware the Smart Power System appliances are the only ones capable of detecting certain issues. Learn about how Servato was able to detect a faulty controller module.

  • Generator Monitoring (Coming Soon)

    The SPS product line will soon include the ability to monitor the start, stop, and use of generators at critical sites. Knowing the generators have kicked on is just as important as being aware of the batteries.

  • Enivronmental Conditions

    With a USB Temperature probe the Smart Power System Product Line can display temperature in ActiView. Customers have used this functionality to identify defective HVAC and heat exchange systems. Humidity and other environmental monitoring coming soon.

Servato Active Battery Management Products


Appliance capable of managing up to two strings of 12V VRLA batteries in -48V configuration. “The 248” can be daisy-chained to manage up to 16 strings at a single site.

Learn more about the SPS-248


Battery management software for alerts and reports accessible via any web-enabled device.

Learn more about ActiView

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