The Best, Most Economical Power Management System in the Industry

Eliminate backup power concerns without breaking your budget.

The SPS-248 makes it easier than ever to start proactively managing your backup batteries. Installations are streamlined with the new design and the startup cost per string is as competitive as Servato has ever offered.

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All Servato products are proudly made in the USA. Servato Software is also developed and built in the USA


Manage up to 16 Strings of Batteries

The SPS-248™ is capable of managing 1 or 2 strings of batteries, and for sites with more, the unit can be daisy-chained to handle up to 16 Strings of batteries. Stick with one system to manage power at most of your sites.

Make an Investment in Backup Power

The SPS-248 is designed for every Network Operations manager who thought battery management could never get approved in the budget. Servato guarantees the payback period will impress you.

Retrofits Simplified

Installing a battery management system at existing sites might sound like a hassle. With Anderson Connectors built into the system and only 1 RU of space necessary, the SPS-248 reduces installation time by 50%. Trained technicians will install the system in under 1-hour.

The Servato Advantage

Like all of Servato’s Battery Management Systems, the SPS-248 delivers the industry’s most comprehensive battery testing, monitoring, and our unique active battery management capabilities including battery life extension through adaptive charging.

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Features and Capabilities

  • 12V VRLA, -48V Sites
    Ideal for cabinets, huts, COs, CEVs, Re-Gen sites and more
  • 2 String Capacity
    Daisy-Chain the SPS-248 to manage more strings
  • Connectivity

    • Ethernet
    • Dial-up Modem
    • DSLAM management channels
  • Manages VRLA Batteries from 20AH to 210AH
  • Omni-Climate Tested
    Temperature Range: -40° to 65° C
    Hardened and Tested for the Toughest OSP Conditions
  • Economical Size

    • 1 RU
    • 19 and 23-inch rack-mountable
    • Less than 5-inch Depth


Our turnkey solution enables you to manage all DC power from your site to our data visualization software

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End Your Battery Problems

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