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What Can Power Management Software do for you?

ActiView Power Management Software is an important tool for our customers who have large and small networks to manage. Chances are you have been thinking about how to automate parts of network maintenance, and ActiView can help.

Many of our customers are fed up with finding out after an outage that their batteries are useless. ActiView will let you know ahead of time and will predict battery failures so that you deal with fewer surprises when bad weather hits.

All Servato products are proudly made in the USA. Servato Software is also developed and built in the USA

The Benefits of Software

  • Battery State of Health. See the state of health of your individual batteries in real-time. Know which batteries you need to replace before they become problems during outages.

  • Regular Periodic Updates. Get periodic updates on power-related issues. Eliminate manual testing and exploratory truck rolls. Only act on power issues when our software alerts you to a problem.  Know what the problem is before the site visit.

  • Battery Fuel Gauge. Use the Battery Fuel Gauge to determine when you need to roll a truck for an outage. Never worry that you won’t make it to a site in time.

  • Confidence. Have confidence in your backup power. Give your customers and community the reliable service they deserves.

Software and Data Make Backup Power Decisions Easier

Testing batteries once or twice a year exposes you to failures for months at a time. ActiView can tell you as soon as there is an issue, and in many cases months before.


Solutions and Cases

Gila River Telecommunications

Servato brought confidence to Gila River Telecommunications. DC Power problems that had caused reliability issues were easily fixed with the visibility Servato provides.

Gila River Case Study

Using Predictive Analytics

Servato’s power management systems reliably predict battery failure as much as 3 months in advance. Advanced testing, more than 100 million hours of new battery data per year, a proprietary signature library of failure modes and an analytics engine honed by experts make it possible.

Predict Battery Failure

Double Battery Life with Adaptive Charging

Adaptive Charging is one of Servato’s flagship features and is truly unique in the space. Peer-reviewed papers and data from extensive testing is available to validate Servato’s technology

Battery Data and Testing

Security Built-In from the Ground Up

Remote monitoring and management of your infrastructure should not open up new vulnerabilities in your network. Servato takes your cybersecurity very seriously and has made sure that providing a backup power solution does not leave you exposed.

Understand Servato’s Security

Power Management Systems

Servato leads the remote battery monitoring and management industry for a reason. The most accurate testing, battery life extension, and all around most complete product on the market.

Power Management Systems

Adaptive Charging: A New Concept

Double Your Battery Life

Float charging actually results in constant overcharging, higher internal temperature, increased positive plate polarization and grid corrosion, dehydration, and active material degradation. In other words, batteries fail more quickly than necessary when float charged.

Servato’s Adaptive charging negates these harmful affects by resting the batteries. Even better, rested batteries allow for more accurate testing, meaning Servato’s data is the best of any monitoring system in the industry.

Servato regularly presents our thought leadership at technical conferences of all kinds. The presentation at right is from Battery Power 2016.

See the Presentation >>

Products by Application

Small OSP Cabinets

For smaller sites where no rack space can be spared, use the SPS-248 to manage up to 2 strings of batteries. Each SPS-248 power management system is built to manage 2 string, and can be daisy-chained for sites with more.

Larger OSP Cabinets & Huts

Any site with some rack space to spare is ideal for the SPS-248. The SPS-248 offers the best cost-per-string ratio and the most compact string-to-size footprint.  SPS-248s can be daisy-chained together to manage up to 16 strings of batteries at a site.

Monitor and Manage How You Want

ActiView can be integrated into your NOC and ticketing system, or you can rely on e-mail alerts. Customize who receives what alerts based on the alert type and the site. You’ll know what you need to know and limit distractions.

End Your Power Problems

Contact Servato to learn more about how a power management solution can help your company. Bring reliability to your customers.

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