Energy Storage on NPR!

Will Batteries Revolutionize how Power is Produced and Used? NPR Explains…

The segment above, aired on August 3, covered energy storage on NPR and was reported with Inside Energy, a public media collaboration focusing on America’s energy issues. It describes the promise of energy storage as a means to unlocking new forms of energy generation.

Leigh Patterson from Wyoming Public Radio reports on the growing interest in utility scale grid storage and a couple in Wyoming who is using solar panels and batteries to live off the grid. One conclusion: costs are falling rapidly, but still high, especially with maintenance […]

How Batteries will Enable the Internet of Things

Backup batteries ensure that the when power goes out, the Internet stays on, and there are already millions of batteries used in these settings. These batteries will support a connected future where the cost of “downtime” grows.

For most people, the word “battery” probably makes them think first of the disheartening sight of their phone battery dying coupled with the mild panic that ensues envisioning even a few moments without the ability to connect digitally to the rest of the world. Next they would probably think of other consumer devices around their homes that either use rechargeable or disposable batteries. […]

New Scientist Covers the Battery Revolution


Batteries have the potential to change the way people around the world live was the theme of two recent articles in New Scientist. Whether you’re an eco-conscious American bent on going “off the grid” or an impoverished citizen of a country with no power infrastructure, cheaper batteries may be the technology that creates a leap of change.

Connect a cheap, efficient battery to solar panels and suddenly power is available (or more abundant) where it previously was not. New Scientist argues in an editorial that a new generation of […]

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