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Alex Rawitz is the Business Development Manager at Servato, based in New Orleans. Alex has spent his career managing small businesses and working closely with startups.

How to Watch Latest Movies in Showbox App

The showbox is the popular application online which enables every user to watch or download the unlimited number of movies from their smart phones and simple internet connection. There are certain apple users who find difficulty in downloading their choice of apps sometimes on their iOs devices, or iPad. To end such problems, the Showbox app is here as it is not like other applications which cannot be downloaded on apple devices. You can get the showbox for apple without any jailbreak for sure. This app is also having huge fan list as it keeps on updating the trending TV […]

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Alex Rawitz
Servato Corp.

Family Office Leads Louisiana Syndicate with Strategic, Institutional and Angel Investor Participation

(New Orleans, LA) Servato Corp., an “Industrial Internet of Things” technology and service provider based in New Orleans, announced today a new investment round led by ATCO Investment Company (ATCO).  Investors included the Louisiana Fund, Fibrebond Corporation, other North Louisiana family offices and the NOLA Angel Network.

Funding will be used for sales growth and general working capital needs.  Joining Servato’s board of directors will be Ron Ondechek Jr. (representing ATCO) and […]

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Blistering 5G Enables IoT Revolution

For the Internet of Things to reach its full potential, we’re going to need 5G. Without it, the promise of efficiency and automation unlocked by the deluge of data will stall.

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) – the technological trend of connecting nearly everything to the Internet – promises to revolutionize our lives. Experts tell us that we can expect dramatic impacts in settings as broad as home automation, wearable technology, industrial automation and smart cities.

A June report published by McKinsey predicts that IoT may have a total economic impact of $4-$11 trillion on the global economy by 2025.[1] […]

Much of the Southeast Spent 5 Hours without Internet

Guarding against Internet downtime is hard, and sometimes major outages can occur in vast territories over the U.S. These outages, like this Southeast Internet outage, can happen across carriers and take hours to fix.

Last week users took to social media to decry a major network outage that affected Internet and Cellphone access for a huge swath of the Southeast United States, according to USA Today. The article details reports of Internet outages that began on 3pm Tuesday, August 4, 2015 and lasted for approximately 5 hours.

According to MetroSafe, based in Louisville, KY, emergency procedures ensured police […]

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$175 Million per Year to Windstream for Expanded Broadband

The $175 million is just another example of increased funding for rural broadband development. The promise of connecting the entire country with high-speed, reliable Internet access has never been more imminent.

Windstream, a leading national telecommunications provider, announced on Wednesday, August 5 that it would accept $175 million annually for seven years beginning in 2015 to support expanded broadband. The money comes from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with aim of providing 400,000 rural locations in17 states improved Internet access.

Specifically, the FCC funds are from Phase II of the Connect America Fund (CAF), an initiative to “expand the benefits […]

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Energy Storage on NPR!

Will Batteries Revolutionize how Power is Produced and Used? NPR Explains…

The segment above, aired on August 3, covered energy storage on NPR and was reported with Inside Energy, a public media collaboration focusing on America’s energy issues. It describes the promise of energy storage as a means to unlocking new forms of energy generation.

Leigh Patterson from Wyoming Public Radio reports on the growing interest in utility scale grid storage and a couple in Wyoming who is using solar panels and batteries to live off the grid. One conclusion: costs are falling rapidly, but still high, especially with maintenance […]

How Batteries will Enable the Internet of Things

Backup batteries ensure that the when power goes out, the Internet stays on, and there are already millions of batteries used in these settings. These batteries will support a connected future where the cost of “downtime” grows.

For most people, the word “battery” probably makes them think first of the disheartening sight of their phone battery dying coupled with the mild panic that ensues envisioning even a few moments without the ability to connect digitally to the rest of the world. Next they would probably think of other consumer devices around their homes that either use rechargeable or disposable batteries. […]

U.S. Government Needs Help on Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is coming and it will affect every facet of our lives. The U.S. Government is hoping tech leaders can jump in and help.

Analysts, technology companies, researchers all agree, the next big wave of the Internet is the Internet of Things (IoT). Now lawmakers and regulators in the U.S. Government are trying to get up the learning curve and out in front of the many issues that a future filled with connected devices creates. These issues include improving interoperability between competing IoT frameworks, security and privacy as personal and commercial data proliferate, cooperation between public and […]

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New Scientist Covers the Battery Revolution


Batteries have the potential to change the way people around the world live was the theme of two recent articles in New Scientist. Whether you’re an eco-conscious American bent on going “off the grid” or an impoverished citizen of a country with no power infrastructure, cheaper batteries may be the technology that creates a leap of change.

Connect a cheap, efficient battery to solar panels and suddenly power is available (or more abundant) where it previously was not. New Scientist argues in an editorial that a new generation of […]

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USDA Announces $85.8 Million in Funding for Rural Broadband

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced July 20 the funding including $74.8 million in telecom loans and $11 million in Community Connect grants with the goal of increasing broadband access for rural Americans in seven states. About the funding, Vilsack said “”Broadband is fundamental to expanding economic opportunity and job creation in rural areas, and it is as vital to rural America’s future today as electricity was when USDA began bringing power to rural America 80 years ago.”

The telecommunications loans will support upgrades to fiber, electronics, network upgrades and infrastructure additions. These improvements will provide greater bandwidth, new and improved services, […]

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