Andrew Gilbert
Andrew GilbertDirector, Application Architecture and Development
Andrew Gilbert has over 25 years of software engineering and DevOps experience across a number of domains. His experience includes hands-on and leadership roles in large consulting shops, enterprise IT and a number of startups. He has contributed to and led efforts for a number of successful projects, from large telecom billing applications to a streaming audio platform, network security, voice applications, SAAS, mobile, and web applications. He has experience with a large alphabet of languages, frameworks, SDKs, development tools, database products and operating systems. He is experienced in physical co-location build out as well as extensive use of leading cloud infrastructures. As VP of Network Operations at SoundBite Andrew’s team rapidly built out and managed a large scale, high volume, multi-site SAAS and VOIP infrastructure. The team’s success was a key factor in SoundBite’s eventual IPO and acquisition. Andrew began his professional career as a Russian linguist working for the NSA. He has a BA in Political Science from Michigan State and an MA in Eastern European Studies from Georgetown University.