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Overcome battery frustration. Highly accurate state of health readings, advanced analytics, and a robust software platform are the answer to overcoming doubts about the true health of backup batteries.

Backup Power Reliability Manager and Battery Monitoring Software

ActiView® is a robust Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that replaces existing maintenance procedures and processes and introduces a new way to manage the entire DC Plant.

It is much more than a passive dashboard of battery information but a complete control center from which an organization can ensure service reliability and reduce costs through efficiencies. ActiView® is a cloud-based application and can be customized to fit your organization’s needs.

The Most Advanced Battery Management Platform

Beyond Battery Monitoring

ActiView® offers tiers of data that eliminate the frustration of extrapolating information from battery measurements. From a high-level review of the network to know with confidence that everything is in order, or a deep dive into the data for a particular battery at a particular site, ActiView® provides a simple interface for navigating from broad information down to battery-specific detail. The software makes it easy to understand actionable items and issues and to feel confident when all is running smoothly.

More than a Dashboard

Every element of ActiView® is customizable. Managers can control the organization of their sites in a hierarchical view, use this to assign technicians and delineate various levels of information visible to their employees. ActiView® ensures a single manager or a team of engineers is always equipped to handle backup DC power issues large and small.

Advanced Battery Analysis

Monitoring-only solutions are very often not much more than a snapshot of the battery’s metrics and an educated guess at a health measurement. Servato obtains extremely precise readings of the batteries’ health, allowing ActiView® to provide a much more accurate picture of the state of the batteries. This data is also processed by Servato’s analytics engine, which (coupled with a signature library) can spot trends and signatures that indicate impending battery events and risks.

The Most Advanced Battery Management Software
Product Failures in the Field
Hours of Battery Data

Streamline Battery Maintenance Operations

ActiView® is a platform built to integrate into operations rather than create another dashboard to check periodically. Manager’s can use ActiView® to coordinate maintenance work when needed and assign sites to specific individuals or groups. ActiView® is a customized solution for each customer, by each customer.

Real-Time Alerts and Daily Updates

Should there be any issues with batteries managed through the Servato platform, ActiView® will alert designated individuals or groups through email, text messages and messages within ActiView® about the problem and site. To complement real time alerts, ActiView® sends a daily e-mail which presents a system-wide status snapshot along with any and all alerts. Alerts are customizable across the team alert thresholds can be adjusted based on perceived criticality of specific problems or issues.


The Actiview® platform is a cloud-based application, which enables several key features for ActiView’s® robustness. First, it allows any web enabled device – a desktop at a central office or a cell phone out in the field – to access ActiView®, the data, and the analytics and alerts that go with it. Second, the hosted nature of the platform allows the analytics and intelligence to process the data in the cloud and draw out more powerful insights. Thirdly, the hosted nature of the product drives a cycle of constant improvement, with more management hours contributing to improved management services. ActiView® is priced on a per string basis per month basis.

 Geographic Site View

Integration with Google Maps allows a ActiView® to present a geographic view of all managed sites, using color coding to provide for a quick assessment of the health of the battery backup network. The map view can also serve as an access point to the full spectrum of site and battery detail provided by ActiView®.

Battery Analytics, Intelligence and Signatures

The pairing of the SPS-48 appliance with the ActiView® cloud-based management and battery monitoring software also integrates field-level measurements and powerful back-end analysis to provide insights across the entire backup battery network, based on a multitude of variables. With Servato’s battery signature library, ActiView® is capable of predicting battery events that lead to failure. Battery data can also be exported as easily manipulated files for use in other applications. ActiView® can also be customized for integration within other management platforms which may currently be in place.

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