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The “148” is Servato’s latest battery management appliance. Designed for cabinets where space is limited, customers can now deploy Servato technology to more of their sites.

Servato appliances go above and beyond monitoring, using Adaptive Charge Management to extend battery life. Our hardware works with your existing rectifier and 12V VRLA batteries.

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Man. Under U.S. Patent 9,531,037 B2


Single String Appliance

The SPS-148 is perfect for cabinets and Plant locations that are crammed with equipment. The appliance can be mounted near the rectifier in a standard rack, placed directly next to or on top of the batteries, or slotted into any accessible space that can comfortably fit the device.

Daisy Chaining Operations

The SPS-148 introduces the ability to daisy chain the devices for improved site management for sites with high numbers of strings. In the case of the SPS-148, any site with two or more strings will involve daisy chained devices, which are read by ActiView® as a single site.

Hardened for Intense Environments

With a dramatic reduction in size and an expanded set of capabilities in the SPS-148, the Servato team was committed to ensuring the same quality in manufacturing. The 148 has undergone extreme testing and is guaranteed to withstand field conditions.

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Servato Active Battery Management Products


Appliance capable of managing up to 4 strings of 12V VRLA batteries in -48V configurations.

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Appliance capable of managing up a single string of 12V VRLA batteries in -48V configuration. “The 148” can be daisy chained to manage up to 16 strings at a single site.

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Battery management software for alerts and reports accessible via any web-enabled device.

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