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Get to Know Servato

Servato’s Battery Management Solutions can help you save time and money and improve network reliability.

Unlock Your Data

Active Battery Management is much more than just monitoring through real-time testing and Industrial Internet of Things configurations

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New Product: SPS-248

The Smart Power System 248 allows customers to remotely manage and monitor 2 strings of batteries

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Double Battery Life

Servato’s Adaptive Charging can Double Battery Life for Telecom Batteries

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50 Million Hours of Battery Data

Leverage the industry’s largest database of battery operations data

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Telecom: Servato is designed and deployed in telephone, broadband, wireless, fiber, microwave and other networks

News: Servato will be at the Mid-America Telecom Seminar & Showcase Oct 16-18

Article: Telecommunications networks are essential for disaster preparedness and recovery

Products and Features

Battery Management Systems

Servato manufactures the most advanced battery management and battery monitoring system for standby power systems.

Battery Management Systems

Battery Management Software

Servato’s battery management systems reliably predict battery failure as much as 3 months in advance. Advanced testing, more than 40 million hours of battery data, and an analytics engine honed by experts make it possible.

Battery Management Software

Double Battery Life with Adaptive Charging

Adaptive Charging is one of Servato’s flagship features and is truly unique in the space. Peer-reviewed papers and data from extensive testing is available to validate Servato’s technology

Battery Data and Testing


Battery Management Systems

  • SPS-148 – Single String Battery Management

  • SPS-248 – 2-String Battery Management

  • SPS-48 – 4-String Battery Management

Battery Management Software

  • ActiView

End Your Battery Problems

Contact Servato to learn more about a customized battery management solution for your company. Bring reliability to your customers.

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